il and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - they jointly take the leadin▓g role in this

mechanism - and relevant state legisla▓tive and judiciary organs, departments o▓f the State Council, mass organizations and social groups, and is responsible for coordinating the implementation, supervision and a▓ssessment of the Action Plan.In the second half of 2014, the joint meeting mechanism launched a mid-term assessment of the implementation of the Act

state organs have attach

ed great importa▓nce to the implementation of t

elevant departments and ▓government institutions to deliver reports on the implementation of the Action Plan, organized experts and scholars to carry out corresponding research a▓nd investigations, convened a mid-term assessment meeting on the implementation of the Action Plan to appraise and review the implementation of t▓he Action Plan for the earlier period, and made arrangements on how to better carry out the A▓ction Plan in the next phase.In July 2015, the j▓oint meeting mechanism launched the final assessment of▓ the implementation of the Action Plan. The final▓ assessment was conducted in three stages -- investigation, evaluation an

he Action Plan. Based

From ▓July to December 2015, the Information Offic▓e of the State Council took re

on t▓he principle of "each perf

presentatives of media agencies and human rights experts on multiple tours of investigation in Beijing, Liaoning, Shangh

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